CleanrScrub Power Scrub Brush Set

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Original Versatile Professional Power Scrub Brush Set - Rotate the Dirt  Away!

Cleaning and scrubbing by hands is laborious and a big pain! Not only does it take a considerable amount of your valuable time but the hands simply do not have enough pressure to cut through tough dirt and stains & applying consistent pressure can take a toll on your hands, fingers, neck and also the back. Sometimes there is little to show for all the effort as those stains just won't disappear no matter how long you scrub!

"The brushes are exceptionally good at cleaning all sorts of things. I've cleaned our bathroom, car wheels, patches of carpet. Really easy to use and does not take up all your time. Highly recommend." Liam W

Regular scrubbing and cleaning for long periods of time can cause repetitive strain injury, soreness, muscle cramps & other issues. Why subject yourself to this when there is an effective tool and simple solution for all the tough cleaning needs. 

The CleanrScrub Power Scrub Brush Set takes care of all the tough cleaning requirements with ease. This professional quality power brushes made to fit with any cordless or corded drill will cut through tough & challenging dirt everyday cleaning jobs super efficiently and in half the time & effort! Not only is the effort required much less but the result is absolutely outstanding.

You can use it indoors and outdoors. Clean hard to scrub grease, grime, grout, stains in bathrooms, kitchen, tiles, tubs, sinks, ovens, hobs, carpets and also clean car mats & seats, alloy wheels, motorcycle, boats, pretty much anything you can think of!

Restore your things to their original glory with these powerful scrubber brushes. Made with high quality Nylon bristles which break through the dirt and grime but will not scratch the surfaces. Perfect for use in bathroom & kitchens.

Made with bristles like polypropylene it has a high absorption rate and wet stiffness and can be used multiple times for long periods.

After ordering this set you'll wonder why did you not find them soon. With 9 out of 10 customers giving it a 5 star rating for performance, they are loved by householders and professional cleaners.

The kit includes 3-piece brush set in different sizes which will fit with any standard drill (not included).

Order Now & Save $17 on this super set scrubber set. 

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