InstaScrape Ergonomic Funnel Shaped Car Ice Scraper

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Highly Effective Funnel Shaped Ice Scraper - Get that difficult ice off your car fast!

If you are one of the people who hates scrapping ice from your car windscreen and windows (when it's freezing cold outside), well you are not the only one! Why spend more time than you need to scraping ice, snow and frost off your car when this tool does the job easily and in super fast time.


Normal ice scrapers and snow removers just don't remove enough snow with each scrape, and you have to go back and forth to remove the snow and ice from your car. However, the clever funnel shaped design of this scrapper makes removing snow, ice and frost easy and you simply move in any direction or in circles and it does it's job. The design ensures that the windscreen/windows don't get damaged or scratched in any way.

"This funnel shaped scraper is solidly made and does the job quite efficiently. Really impressed by how easy it is to use & how quickly it can scrape the ice." John M

The circular cone shaped is designed to clean and clear the ice from the wider end and the other side with the mini spikes can be used to scrap, loosen and break the ice in case of severe and tough ice build up. Tapping the ice with the spikes will make it easily break away.

The economical funnel shape gives optimum efficiency and clears and scrapes the ice in less than half the time than traditional shaped scrapers, whilst it's unique design also makes it comfortable to grasp and hold while using it.

This remarkable tool also doubles down as a funnel and you can easily add washer fluids/water to the car without any spills. To instantly turn it into a funnel just remove the tip of the ice scraper.


  • Clear snow, ice and frost quickly and efficiently.
  • Convenient & easy to use - Move the scraper in any direction or in circular motion.
  • Ergonomic design won't damage, scratch or crack the glass - plus it's compact, lightweight & easy to store
  • Unique design can be used as a funnel plus makes it possible to have a good grip while cleaning.



Colours: Red, Blue, Black, Green
Material: Plastic


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