Pet Hair and Lint Cleaner 3 Piece Brush Set

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Remarkable Pet Hair Plus Lint Cleaning Brush Set - 3 Piece

Pets are adorable and hairy fluff balls who bring joy to our hearts, however, they drop their hairs all the time, which goes all over the place in our households & in the cars. These pesky hairs can go deep into clothing, sofas, carpet and upholstery. Not only it is unsightly in appearance but can also be a cause of embarrassment when you have visitor. The concerning part is that it can be a sources of various kind of respiratory allergies and reactions, with younger kids more prone to this. These allergies are not just in humans but surprisingly in pets as well.

"Very functional item. Collects both the hair of the cat and those of the dog very well. I highly recommend it for those who have animals in the house. Very well packaged. Really useful product, I recommend it." Leny W

The pet hairs can be firmly stuck with the fabric to pick up with just your hands. The traditional vacuum cleaners sometimes do not have enough suction to pick up all hairs and certainly not effective or convenient to be used on clothes plus it's bulky to be brought out for cleaning every now and again.

Getting rid of pet hair is not an easy task but with this Pet hair and lint removal brush it becomes super quick and easy too! You can remove hair, fur and lint from your clothes, fabrics in a single swipe from the double sided cleaning brush & it's powerful electrostatic force.

"Really good brush for cleaning the hairs. Works wonderfully & really effective. If you have furry pets, this is what you need. Great product." Anne L

This brush is suitable to clean all kinds of fabric. Clean your clothing and apparel, bed sheets, sofa covers, carpets, linens, cushion covers, upholstery & car seats with this efficient cleaning device. The double sided design removes lint/hairs twice as fast as one-sided lint brushes - simply flip the brush when needed.

Did we say it's Eco-Friendly? Well it is. It does not need electricity or charging to be used whenever or wherever you need to, and unlike using the standard lint rollers by using refills or sticky papers, this brush is completely reusable making it more eco-friendly and cost effective. The cleaning base make cleaning the brush and getting rid of all the dirt and hair without any mess. Simply slide the brush into the self-cleaning base to remove all hair and lint. When it's full, just empty the collection tray at the bottom. 

How to Use:

1. Gently brush across surfaces that may have pet fur, hair, and lint.
2. When the brush is fully covered, simply dip it into the self-cleaning base. All the fur, hair and lint will get trapped inside the base and when you remove the brush, you will have a clean brush again.
3. When the base becomes full, take the cap off and empty the collected fur, hair and lint into a waste bin. Never touch any mess. It's that easy. 

You also have a Travel Size Brush Included in the pack with its own base. This mini brush is portable and ideal to be carried wherever you go for easy cleaning on the move. 

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