UnBlockrPro High Pressure Unblocking Pump

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Eco-friendly & Chemical Free Toilet Air Blow - Toilet, Sink, Plug hole Unblocker.

Do you have blocked drains in the kitchen sink, bathrooms, & washbasins? Food particle, hair and other material often cause blockages in the drain pipes which needs to be cleared on a regular basis for a smooth flow of water. Generally, people end up using chemical based drain unblockers for this job.

This highly effective Air Blow unblocker which uses the powerful compressed air power to clear and unblock any drains in super quick time. Without the use of any chemicals and electricity or power you get a perfect solution to unblock drains of any kind in seconds!

You can use it for unblocking toilets, floor drains, sinks, sewers, bathrooms, kitchens sinks and where water can be clogged. With it's range of attachments designed to work with different types of drains this will blow away the toughest of build ups pushing them down the drain to clear away the blockages.

Reusable, environmentally friendly and easy to use, something every savvy household should have. Now you don't have to wait for plumber for simple jobs. Simply pull back and pump the handle to create compressed air inside the tube and pull the trigger to blow out the dirt & blockages to clear away the drains instantly.

Includes a complete set of accessories that you can use to clear each drain in your home. This product is a pneumatic tool, please keep away from children & do not disassemble. This product is developed according to the principle of fluid dynamics and is suitable for removing all kinds of domestic garbage and debris in the pipeline.

Material: ABS + PVC
Size: 27.5cm x 28.5cm

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