ZanyGlove Astonishing Kitchen Cleaning Gloves

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Premium Multi-functional Cleaning Gloves for All Household Cleaning Needs

"This gloves are fantastic. Just as in the description. It's really easy to use in all sorts of cleaning jobs and resists high temperature. Top quality. Really recommend. Thank you." Jeremy H

Cleaning bathrooms, washbasins, plates, hobs, work tops etc is a laborious & time consuming task but to keep the household neat it's something which has to be done. Not only are these tasks tiring but can also be detrimental for the hands & skin with the chemicals from the cleaning liquids and other bacteria from food and dirt. Many people suffer from dry skin or skin cracks due to frequent contact with water & detergents.

What if you have a SINGLE REUSABLE Gloves which are Heat Resistant and can be used for all sorts of cleaning jobs. Cleaning plates & cutlery, easy! Bathroom, tiles & sinks, no problem! Work tops & oven, done! Cleaning Fruits & Veggies, a doodle! Car wheels, YES!

+ Really there is no stopping to how many ways it can be used, just about anything you can think of! Made with food grade silicon, Toxic free & BPA free they are really safe to clean food and plates but absolutely hard wearing and durable.
+ The silicon gives it plasticity and makes them tear resistant. Made with multiple silicon scrubber bristles which penetrate through tough dirt with the power of hands and fingers.
+ Easy to wear and take off they do not cause any skin allergies & in-fact provide skin protection, as the skin does not come in direct contact with cleaning liquids, detergents, grease and other harmful components.

These Gloves are also fast drying, do not deform with use and leaves no residue from cleaning.

Cold & heat resistant from -40 to 320 degree Fahrenheit, they are also microwave & oven safe gloves. Being heat resistant they can be used with hot water without the fear of burning your skin.
Just wear the gloves and put your favourite cleaning liquid and they are ready to use, rubbing them produces constant lather, so you are not only saving on some cleaning fluid but also only using it to a minimum level which is a healthier option.

Light weight & comfortable to wear these environmentally friendly gloves are easy to clean and sterilize, just put them in boiling water or in a dishwasher. They provide you with the correct grip for all your cleaning needs. Unlike typical rubber gloves, which are not heat resistant & can break and tear easily, these gloves are made to last.

One Size Fits All. Order now & save 50% on Pack of 2 gloves (left/right) in choice of your color.

Delivery estimate 8-15 working days for most destinations.