FeetEasy Original Relaxing 3D Arch Support Socks - 2 Pairs

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Most Popular Foot Pain Relieving Socks For Women - Original Relaxing 3D Arch Support Socks

Today, more and more Women complain about sore feet, ankle and leg pain as a consequence of insufficient foot support. Lack of good foot and arch support over time can lead to serious knee or back injuries! Walking with poorly designed shoes or previously acquired foot injuries or rheumatic conditions, even casual walking can sometimes become a real challenge.


It's a general belief that this pain is temporary and due to bad shoes or high heels, however, the foot pain that intensifies with regular activities like walking is a clear sign of physiological problems at the lower limb level.

"Really fits perfectly and very comfortable to wear. I pretty much wear it with all my shoes now. They have helped reduced the pain in my feet. Quick delivery too, highly recommend. I will be shopping again soon." Victoria H

To avoid any potential pain in the feet and to maintain a balanced support the FeetEasy Original Relaxing 3D Arch Support Socks are a perfect solution. They can also help to correct any existing problems by improving the functioning of the interconnected foot joints, muscles and bones. Reduce pain, soreness and foot fatigue, while increasing arch support, simply by wearing these amazing therapy socks!

The silicone non-slip design gives it a good grip and helps maintain foot support at all times. This socks have a effect of a light massage on the feet and its mesh design is breathable. Now you can wear high-heeled shoes, sneakers or any kind of footwear with these highly effective, ultra comfortable and durable 3D Arch Support Socks and be fully protected. They easily fit into any type of shoe and are not only highly recommended for walking, but for a wide range of physical activities as well!

These remarkable Arch support Socks have unique ergonomic design and are the ideal means to reduce foot pain by shock absorption and relieving the pressure in painful spots by redistributing the body weight evenly on the entire surface of the foot to restore the comfort and the pleasure of walking.

3D Arch Socks are therapeutic with an inner soft cushion that provides an ultimate support and comfort to your feet. They are washable, odor-free, and come in 3 different colors.

Some Key Features:

  • 3D Sponge Cushion perfectly fits the foot arch & gently relieve problem from flat feet.
  • Seamless design with 3D sponge pad, inner soft gel pillow which provides soothing support and comfort to your feet, relieving the problem of plantar fasciitis too.
  • Ultra-low cut design, light on your feet & goes with any footwear.


  • Material: Nylon, Spandex, Air cushion, Silicone
  • Color: Black, Nude, Brown
  • Size: One size fits all - (approximately: 21cm)
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Stretch/Elasticity: Micro Elastic
  • Soft: Moderate
  • Washing Instructions: Use water below 86°F, hand wash, do not dry clean, bleach, tumble dry or iron.

In Your Order: 2 x Pairs of 3D Socks in color of your choice. Delivery estimate 8-15 working days for most destinations.

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