Lash & Nail Mini USB Dryer

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Highly Effective +Useful + Travel Friendly Lash & Nail Dryer 

"Very good product and comes with lanyard and usb cable for charging. It has good power for it's size and very easy to carry. I highly recommend the product. Thanks." Vicky L

Do you have a slow drying nail polish or eye makeup that you love, but hate how slows it dries? Here, you have a powerful little mini fan that will speed up the drying process and makes you ready in no time. This fan is compact but ultra effective to to get the job done. It's Portable, light and small and great for traveling. It charges via USB which is super convenient and can be used for quickly drying your eyelashes and nails.



  • Works on nails
  • Quick eyelash drying
  • Drying eye makeup
  • Easy USB charging
  • Compact, lightweight & travel friendly

"I'm so happy! It works great! And the shipping took only 1 week. Does the job quickly. Highly recommend it." Zita S

Delivered in 8-15 working days dependent on location.