Unisex Anti-Fatigue Circulation & Compression Socks - 6 Pack

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Get Instant comfort & relieve muscle fatigue with these compression socks.

"I'm a retail pharmacist so I'm standing for long hours. This is great to alleviate the pain from standing and keeps blood flowing up your legs. This is good to avoid varicose veins. Affordable socks. Highly recommend." - Niel


What are Compression Socks For?

Lack of movement, long hours of standing, circulatory problems, and weakened walls of the veins in the legs can cause the blood to pool in the veins in the lower leg. This can lead to pain and swelling in this area.

Compression socks increases and stimulates blood flow, by working as a circulation booster to give significant relief for aching legs, calf, ankles and feet. It provides optimal and faster recovery from a hard marathon, long flight or physically demanding jobs which require long hours of standing-up.

What does Compression Socks do?

Compression socks squeeze the veins and tissues in the leg to improve the blood flow & also better the flow of the lymph in the legs to reduce swelling. The use of compression socks also helps to keep the buildup of lactic acid in check and prevents stiffness.

Improved lymph and blood flow can make you feel more comfortable and less tired with support & compression perfectly located on heel, foot, calves and the toe area. These socks are perfect for everyday wear, cycling, running or for other sports. This is why most athletes and runners wear running compression socks to better their performance on the field as well as to prevent injuries.

✔️ Quality you can rely on: Made from premium quality breathable Nylon & Spandex which gives greater flexibility & durability. It's moisture wicking properties helps it rapidly air dry in a few hours.

✔️ Great Value: Our customers agree the comfort they provide is amazing & we have got these excellent compression socks at a super deal in a pack of 6 pairs. Available in 2 sizes to suit most people, in a mix of different colours.

S/M: 7-8.5
L/XL 9-10.5

Ankle (A) & Calf (C) circumference measurements:
S/M: A=6.5"-8.5" C=10.5"-14"
L/XL: A=8"-9.5" C=11.5"-15"

✔️ Get Instant comfort & support for your legs
✔️ Enhances blood circulation, stimulates oxygen airflow to the muscles

✔️ Take control of your well being with effective pain relief
✔️ Comfortable fit for regular wear
✔️ Painless movement improves mobility
✔️ Wear them with any shoes
✔️ Machine washable without losing compression
✔️ Breathable & moisture-wicking material

"They are snug, good for long days on the feet or just long enough to get workout done. Def a great value." - Vera

Get this limited time deal of 6 Pairs & order yours now to start enjoying it's benefits.